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Dennis Oppenheim Needs You!

This website is built on the collective knowledge and experiences of different people. These are people who share a love and responsible drive for gambling. This site has learned and garnered much from them. As such, we know that we can continue to gain a lot more from other gamblers if they choose to share their knowledge.

With that in mind, we would like to announce that Dennis Oppenheim is opening its doors to more writers! Yes, that is right—we would love to welcome more writers into our fold.



To better establish if you would be a good fit for us, here are some of our requirements:


Must Love Gambling

Not to an excessive point, of course! Our discussions stem from personal experiences and personal knowledge. Therefore, it would suit us best to tap into the first hand knowledge of people who have experience with the art and hobby of gambling.


Can Write Cohesively and Comprehensively

As this website prides itself in developing and delivering useful and timely content, we would like to have writers who are able to express themselves well with the words that they use. While we do not expect highly professional discourse, we would at least want writers who are able to present their thoughts cohesively and succinctly.


Ethical and Punctual

Everything has its schedule. Review, revision, approval, and posting are all within a timeframe. We need writers who will be able to meet our deadlines with gusto.


Get in Touch!

If you believe you are the right fit for Dennis Oppenheim, reach out to us without delay!